TBi RoboMIG RM2 系列机器人焊枪

The RM2 product line provides a convincingly robust design, a completely modular system for perfect adaptation to different welding tasks and cost-effective operation. The development focused on functionality and performance while assuring reliable operation and comfortable maintenance.

A very special benefit for the operators is the collision-proof TCP, eliminating the need to mechanically align the necks.

  • 枪颈

Various torch models, gas or water cooled, provide adequate solutions for all important applications. The torches are available in different geometries and as extra-long L-version. For maintenance reasons, they can be exchanged quickly.

  • 电缆

The cable assembly includes the interface to the torch neck at its front end. It is positioned precisely in the torch mount by a tongue and groove connection.

  • TBi KS-2 防碰撞传感器

This completely redesigned unit surpasses the already well-proven TBi KS-1 in many aspects. While the weight is less than half of its predecessor, the possible deflection has been significantly enlarged. The TBi KS-2 provides the robustness and precision that our customers are used to, it is optimally suited to be installed in demanding applications.

  • 中空系列

The full range of torches is also available for Hollow-Wrist robots. The torch mount forms the connection between torch and robot and is available in rigid design and with integrated safety-off mechanism. The cable assembly is optionally available with unlimited rotation capability, also for water cooled systems.

  • TBi PP2R 推拉丝模块

The TBi PP2R is being used to guarantee a reliable wire feeding even under difficult conditions. The additional feeding system directly in front of the welding torch significantly reduces the number of wire feeding problems due to variable friction, e.g. depending on the time of use of the contact tip. Also, the process stability of arc ignition will be improved.

  • RM2 窄间隙焊枪

The specialized NG (Narrow Gap) torches that are part of the TBi RM2 series simplify welding in very hard to reach spots. The wire is guided into the needed direction by a bent contact tip, allowing the torch to literally weld around corners. This product opens up a whole new range of possibilities during joining and surfacing.

  • TBi RM2 产品资料

In the catalog, you will find detailed information regarding the RM2 torch system.